Tuesday, 18 October 2011


We know it isnt totally fair to bad mouth something before we even try it out. But there is enough information out there to make initial conclusion. We have to be fair and so, here’s what we think might work against Microsoft’s push for the window 8.

Design Could Be Better
  • Judging form what’s been seen, Windows 8 looks somewhat like fancy slideshow. Its,nice, but it will work? It might overwhelm and not make sense – relearning would be needed. Some Watchers have even gone as far as to callit a ‘stir-fry’ jumble and clutter of random ideas. After all, not everybody likes the window phone 7 interface.
Missing Desktop
  • The desktop its buried somewhere. People are used to the desktop – these should be a user option.
Open Application Might Be Hard To See
  • It might to troublesome to find out whats apps you have opened since everything taken up with fancy interface.
Pity The Developer
  • The Developers will have the hard time sorting out how to port over and make new apps for both ARM and x86 processors. The artistic and fashionable bits will definitely require rework of their program.
Time To Get New Software
  • Will we need to buy to buy our software application again? Its not clear yet – on the x86 platform so far it seems that you will be able to run your old application. But like any new upgrade , there’s a chance that some won’t run as they should.
I Dont Like Peole Touching My Laptop Screen
  • Well, to really experience what windows 8 offers, you will need a touchscreen device. Im sure that we wont like smudges for other people on it. Its icky, Reaching out just touching a desktop in that faashion its just weird, at least from now.

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